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Arctic Circle Adventure
What a great experience... seeing the northern lights, dog sledding, world championship ice carving festival and traveling on the most dangerous road in the world. Seeing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) is amazing... I should say "FANTASTIC". Then seeing the master ice carvers form images out of a block of ice,
is remarkable.
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Croatia A Must See Destination
Just returned from the hottest destination in all of Europe. Croatia has the most beautiful waterfalls (Plitvicka and Krka) and walled cities (Dubrovnik, Split, and Havar) in all of Europe. I recommend staying at least 10 days with day trips out of Dubrovonik and Split. I have all the information for you, if you inquire.
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Kidepo Game Park in Northern Uganda
Animals by the hundreds are found in this isolated part of Africa. Kidepo borders the Sudan. Flying into the park is your best alternative, otherwise the drive from Kampala would be over 26 hours by very marginal roads. I can best describe this park by saying it;s like flying into Jurassic Park.
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Cuba, Land of Beauty
Cuba is like going back into time.
Cobble stone streets, horses pulling buggies and of course, classical cars.
The scenery is absolutely amazing. Cuba is so beautiful with many unusual landformations. The people are truly amazing with their love for music and friendliness toward visitors.
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The Serengeti "Big Cats"
Gorilla Trek Africa has expanded its itineraries into Tanzania. The Serengeti has amazing "big cats" and its wildebeest crossing of the Mara River.
You can expect long drives, long days, but the reward is worth all the effort. Seeing "big cats" in their natural habitat and the river crossing of wildebeest is what every photographer dream.
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Baja Adventure that included "touching" the Grey Whales
Everyone would love to “touch” a whale, so let’s go to Baja, California. Traveling south from San Diego (approximately 700 miles), you will reach two lagoons famous for the migration and birth place of the Gray Whale. I highly recommend going the first weeks in March to see the young baby whales.

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Chimps of Uganda
If you are looking to find chimpanzees, better go to Kibale N.P. Uganda. They are so interesting to see. The sounds are deafening, but that is their purpose. The park guides will certainly locate them for you. Gorilla Trek Africa was the company I used several times, and NEVER disappointed. Please click on link to find out more about the company.

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Learn more at Gorilla Trek Africa.

I witnessed many pilgrims doing the Camino seeking spiritual growth and demanding physical endurance. A person must walk at least 60 miles to receive a certificate, and others walk the total Camino 520 miles.
Capturing beautiful countrysides, small villages, and beautiful old churches were just some of my many highlights. I loved staying in the old towns and capturing the peacefulness and charm of the old medieval towns. I highly recommend traveling in early May. It is a beautiful time of the year. This would be before the crowds and the weather turns hot.
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My recent safari to Rwanda and Uganda was extremely special. The main goal was to see the gorillas and be really close to them. My dream was answered. Our group was within 10 feet, or maybe even a little closer. This particular group had a family of 15 to 16. One of the females had a baby about 3 months old. In addition to seeing the gorillas, I witnessed the unbelievable scene of “ tree climbing lions “. I must admit, my guide Roger, was determined to find those lions in Ishasha N.P. I can’t express in worlds how great Gorilla Trek Africa is as a company. They only use the very best vehicles, and treat their clients special. Never did I have to request something they didn’t provide. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting “Five Star” treatment. View Photos

This is the "Home" of the grizzly bears. I was so fortunate to capture these beautiful and "hungry" bears in action. Brooks Falls is no easy place to visit and hopefully see bears up close. To get there, you probably would fly from King Salmon, and spend the day at this “unbelievable" place.I was able to spend 4 days at this location. I would describe it as 'Jurassic park", but with bears instead of dinosaurs. These photos were taken while the salmon were heading upstream toward their spawning grounds. The salmon must eventually leap over the falls to their spawning grounds.
Good Luck to the salmon, not many make it, and the bears certainly have large feast daily. Best time to go is middle of July.
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I recently was on a 10 day safari in Uganda and had the opportunity to photograph the Silverback Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and many other primates. I traveled with Africa Adventure Safari ( and this is truly a 5 star company without the high price. This made my 4th safari to Africa, and probably the best one. Being only 20 feet from one of the most endangered species on earth was really a thrill. Queen Elizabeth National Park is world famous for its large amount of Hippos. You will see many different animals and birds on this boat that floats near these animals. The gorilla permits are very difficult to secure, and a person must apply for one at least 6 months in advance. I have become Africa Adventure Safari USA office contact person. Please enjoy these photos I took on my most recent trip to Uganda. View Photos

Surviving the Drake Passage means "good fortune" for a successful trip. Antarctica has it all: mountains, icebergs, marine life and of course penguins. The summer season means about 24 hours of daylight. Our ship, the Polar Star is a renown icebreaker. We went where only a few ships could go, and with our zodiac boats we saw it all.
I loved the "chicks" and watching their mothers build nests and feed them. We saw plenty of whales, seals, and beautiful glacier formations. If you can withstand a few "rocky moments", the trip is worth it. We encountered 27 foot swells for three days.
My dream of being on seven continents and visiting 140 countries has become a reality. I give thanks to God for being with me on my "interesting" adventures and helping me return safely to my home.
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Have you ever considered going "Back in Time"? Yap still strives to maintain its'culture. I was fortunate to plan a trip that would take me to Yap for Yap Day.
The traditions of these people still exist today. I witnessed some out-
standing singing, dancing, and cultural activity. Almost all the" locals" come out
to celebrate. You would be shocked to see the ladies bare-breasted. Some
village chiefs forbid wearing any clothing over the breast.
The history of Yap and its' stone money is really amazing. Every village
still recognizes the stone money's value and ownership and pride is associated
with the stone money.
If you ever consider going to a place where less than 2,000 visitors arrive
annually, Yap just might be the place.

Palau has to be the most beautiful island on this planet. Trust me, I have been to many of the so called "most beautiful islands". What makes Palau so beautiful is its' Rock Islands, turquoise waters, and beautiful and unspoiled coral reefs.
I selected 5 different kayak and snorkeling locations while in Palau. Each location had a different appeal, with incredible beauty. Oh by the way, the water temperature is
84 degrees and visibility could be over 30 to 40 feet. Using a modest underwater camera, I was able to capture these unbelievable underwater wonders.
If you ever consider going to Palau, contact me and I will give you detailed information on tours and accommodations.
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Cook Islands
The Cook Islands are no longer a mystery to me. The beauty of these islands include more than its physical beauty, it would also include the friendliness of its people. Air New Zealand has a direct flight from LAX to Rarotonga, New Zealand every Sunday evening.

Visualize what Hawaii was 50 years ago, and that is what you find in the Cook Islands. There are many activities that would keep you busy for weeks. Some of these activities would be hiking, snorkeling, windsurfing, riding scooters, and seeing nightly island shows.

The people of the Cook Islands are trying their best to preserve their culture. You will find evidence of that in their schools, churches, and traditional dances and singing.

July and August are the winter months. I mean the temperature is around 70 degrees. This is also the months of many celebrations.
I was fortunate to be in Rarotonga during Gospel Day. The singing was outstanding.

Oh, and don't miss the rugby matches usually held Saturday afternoon. This is a "killer" sport. The locals come out to support their teams. The action is as good as any football game you would find in the states.

The outer island of Atitutaki is the most beautiful in the world. It has a coral reef that completely surrounds the island. The most popular episode of the Survivor show was filmed on this island. The " big time" kite surfers from New Zealand just love the island for its calm waters and mighty wind gust. This is the real paradise.

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Kingdom of Bhutan…..Shangri-La           
In March 2008 I was in this beautiful and peaceful country. The people are noted for their friendliness and happiness and I would certainly agree. I found Bhutan to be one of my all time highlights of all the other countries I have visited.
Seeing 14th century monasteries that have never been damaged or vandalized was amazing. This fourteen-day trip covers the majority of Bhutan.
Once again I went with Windhorse Tours and was completely satisfied. Two years ago I took a trip to Base Camp Everest with Windhorse and it also was amazing.
Climbing up to "Tiger's Nest", watching Bhutan archery shooters hit targets 100 yards away, and seeing sacred Buddhist ceremonies/dances were only a few of my favorite memories. If you ever need more information on Bhutan, please free to contact me.
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Namibia could be the "jewel" of Africa.
I recently did another safari, and would rate this one as the best. Namibia has majestic sand dunes, plenty of game animals, coastal scenery, and rock art. By seeing the highest sand dunes in the world, it made me feel very fortunate to photograph and climb them.
Elephants, giraffes, zebras, springboks and lions were seen by the dozens. This is a country that has marginal rainfall, but survives and flourishes. Namibia gained its' independence less than seventeen years ago. It is evident that Namibia believes in protecting its' animals and natural beauty.
The twenty-six hour flight was the only negative thing I could find with this trip. I would highly recommend that you check out this beautiful country. If you contact me, I could recommend an excellent safari company, and the best time of the year to visit Namibia.
Be sure to check out my travel show at Carlsbad Inn every Wednesday night.
Until the next adventure, take care and good traveling.

Bill Williams



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