Arctic Circle Adventure

Arctic Circle Adventure

I have delayed this trip to the Arctic Circle for many years.

1. Chances are very slim seeing the Aurora Borealis because of the cloudy conditions or snowing.
2 Rating of the KP regarding solar activity could be very low.
3. Will your camera perform at sub-below temperature?
4. Freezing COLD.

I decided anyway, that the time was right, so I made the "plunge".

What a great experience... seeing the northern lights, dog sledding, world championship
ice carving festival and traveling on the most dangerous road in the world.

I had decided that February would give me the best odds. I was right.... thanks to charts, weather forecast and God's assistance.

Seeing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) is amazing... I should say "FANTASTIC". Experiencing dogs running at 20 mph in minus 27 degrees below zero also is something to remember.

Then seeing the master ice carvers form images out of a block of ice, is remarkable.

Please enjoy these photos and if you ever have the desire to see this phenomenon, you may contact me for additional information.

Please enjoy these photos I have posted.
Bill Williams



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