Baja Adventure

BAJA ADVENTURE that included "touching" the Gray Wales
Everyone would love to “touch” a whale, so let’s go to Baja, California. Traveling south from San Diego (approximately 700 miles), you will reach two lagoons famous for the migration and birth place of the Gray Whale. I highly recommend going the first weeks in March to see the young baby whales.

Scammon’s Lagoon near Guerrero Negro can have as many as 2,000 whales (Jan. thru March), and San Ignacio Lagoon slightly less. With your guide you will encounter these curious, friendly, and peaceful mammals. Being in a small boat called a pangas, you will have the opportunity to witness and experience what few people ever get to do. Touching a whale and looking directly into its eye can be a lifetime changing moment.

Fortunately, strict rules and behavior is practiced while viewing these whales. Keeping up the great work is our hope for the preservation and protection of these near extinct mammals.

You will also see cactus that is found no where else in the world touring your trip down the Baja. I went with a travel company that is highly regarded for its tours and great organization. Andiamo Travel has been doing these annual tours for many successful years. I would highly recommend booking your trip with them.

Just send me a note, and I will give you the full details. May the Gray Whales continue to survive for generations to come.




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